Easy access to online services from your car and convenient device management in the MTS Auto mobile app.

Customized solutions for car manufacturers, dealers and fleets.


Multimedia Platform

Quick access to car functions, digital services provided by MTS and car companies, and connected devices.

Mobile App

Automotive digital services ecosystem management.

Connected Device Management

Cloud-based video dash cam and other devices are easily integrated into the car’s ecosystem.

Maps and Navigation

Highly detailed map and precise car navigation solution operable in more than 50 countries.

Connected car

Car telematics suite.


Bright modern interface and OS perfect in details

  • screen
    Smart navigation

    Own database, exact traffic view.

  • screen

    It will remind you of an important meeting from the calendar.

  • screen

    It will warn you of changing weather conditions.

  • screen
    Fuel bill payment

    From inside the car through integration with petrol stations.

  • screen

    Music, radio and audiobooks.

  • screen
    Resume in car

    It will offer to pay or renew your KION subscription and watch the match to the end on the multimedia screen.

  • screen
    Geo-tracking, scoring

    Visual presentation of your car’s location and speed on the map supporting real-time video.

  • screen
    Accident recording

    In the event of an accident, collision, hard braking, sharp turn or improper driving behaviour, the video will be automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud.

  • screen
    Cloud-based storage

    Saving real-time event records to the cloud. Files can be played or downloaded from the cloud at any time via a smartphone or PC.

  • screen
    Parking watch

    Automatic video recording in case of impact in the car park even when the car is turned off. Notice of the car impact or damage. Remote car tracking.

  • screen
    Route history

    Saving car trip information.


Simple management of useful services and connected devices

  • phone
    Device management

    It will help you to buy, connect paired devices and manage them from inside the car and remotely.

  • phone

    It will help you to pay tolls and fines.

  • phone

    It will warn you of important objects on the road, from the traffic police posts and cameras to potholes and repair works.

  • phone

    It will notify you about maintenance and select the necessary spare parts for repairing. It will remind you of the need to buy an insurance policy.

  • phone

    It will offer you a suitable car service and switch to a native application.

  • phone

    It will offer you relevant and important news.

  • phone
    Discount card storage

    It will provide you with convenient access to all discount and bonus cards.

  • phone

    It will notify you about an evacuation, the car location, and calculate the approximate travel cost and time.

  • phone
    Cloud-based access

    It allows you to operate the cloud-based dash cam storage.


Highly detailed map and precise car navigation solution operable in more than 50 countries.

  • Offline maps
  • 3D-cartography
  • Alternative routes
  • Traffic jam service
  • Cargo graph
  • Lane pattern
  • Speedcam warnings
  • Wide customization options

Connected Car

IaaS-solution* from MTS for car manufacturers, suppliers of multimedia and telematics systems and developers of Internet-based car services

*IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
MTS offers SIM and eSIM chips for multimedia systems, trackers and other car modules.
IoT-platform access
The platform allows you to receive information about the status and location of SIM-cards, manage communication channels, and control expenditures. You can customize usage models for your individual production and delivery cycle.
Special tariffs
Individual approach to tariffs – depending on the scope of your project.
API for integration into your systems
B2B-support in Russian and English 24/7, all the year round
  • Leader in М2М-solutions and IoT in Russia in terms of amount of SIM-cards
  • The largest in Russia 4G network. About 100,000 2G/3G/LTE base stations
  • Own expertise of the development of mobile applications and digital services
  • Geo-steering services and vehicle monitoring
  • Satellite
“Plug-and-forget” automation principle
Creation of automatic scripts
Round-the-clock monitoring and diagnostics
Event notification system
Optimization of connected vehicles
Creation of individual consumption profiles
Integration of innovations for exceptional servicing
We will choose a connected car service platform for you that will make it easy to launch new services, optimize service reliability, and quickly detect and resolve issues to keep your customers satisfied.


MY Haval app

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Toyota/Lexus Connected Services Apps

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MY Haval app

  • Embedded SIM-chips installed into the standard Haval telecom module that ensure uninterrupted transfer of data necessary for the operation of MY Haval application.
  • Door locking and opening.
  • Engine start.
  • Air conditioner and seat heater regulation.

Toyota/Lexus Connected Services Apps

  • Embedded SIM-chips that ensure uninterrupted transfer of data necessary for the operation of Toyota/Lexus Connected Services applications.
  • Remote monitoring of the car’s technical condition and registration for service and maintenance.
  • Remote route plotting and uploading into the standard system.
  • Timely reminders and assistance in an emergency.


Fast and smooth operation of MTS Auto OS is ensured by high-quality equipment.

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For the flawless matching useful vehicle functions and digital services

  • 10 highly sensitive 2K touch screen
  • RAM 4GB / 6GB
  • Built-in memory 64GB / 128GB
  • 4-position GPS
  • OS Android 9.0 and later
  • 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity
  • 9 highly sensitive 2K touch screen
  • RAM 4GB / 6GB
  • Built-in memory 64GB / 128GB
  • 4-position GPS
  • OS Android 9.0 and later
  • 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity


Precise event recording not only on the road, but also in the car park

  • Sensor – SmartSence SC223A (2.9 micron)
  • SOC – Ambarella a12a35x
  • Lens – glass
  • Mobile Internet (complete with MTS SIM-card)
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Multimedia Video dash cam


    MTS OS with additional high-quality equipment ensures unlimited possibilities for the car, smooth operation of the interface and quick launch of apps.

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    MTS OS, convenient launcher and a high-quality screen ensure smooth operation of the interface and quick launch of apps.

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    The launcher is installed on existing equipment in a car running the Android OS*. It allows you to embed convenient MTS services without deep integration into the car system.

    *Limitations exist
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CEO Message

Commitment to the principles of good business practice and compliance with the law are the grounds of MTS Auto's activities. We maintain the compliance system up to date and develop it in order to prevent and immediately respond to any risks and challenges that we face, including regulatory requirements, misconduct of third parties and possible errors. Following such high ethical standards prescribed in the MTS Auto’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics promotes strengthening the personal professional reputation of employees and the company as a whole. This is the basis for long-term and beneficial relationships with our partners and contractors.


Denis Smirnov
CEO of "MTS Auto" LLC

CEO of 'MTS Auto' LLC


The following fundamental documents have been adopted by the company in order to ensure that MTS Auto's activities comply with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation, identification, evaluation, analysis and corruption risk minimization:

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


Code of Contractor’s Business Conduct


Anti-corruption legislation compliance policy


Conflict of interest management policy


Single Hotline

Channels for reporting potential or committed violations of ethics and compliance:

  • Single form – hotline-mts.b1.ru;
  • E-mail – external.hotline.mts@b1.ru,
  • Russia freephone number 8-800-234-44-18. For freephone calls from abroad please read the instructions on the website: hotline-mts.b1.ru.

Please note that the Single Hotline is maintained by an independent third party, thus confidentiality and non-disclosure of applicants’ personal data is guaranteed. The Company undertakes to protect whistle-blowers against any retaliation.

Please send your questions relating to the compliance and business ethics to:

Room 16, bld. 41, Zaytsev str., Saint Petersburg, 198188

О компании

About the Company

MTS Auto is part of the MTS Group ecosystem, one of the leaders in the Russian market for the digital, media and telecommunications services.

The main area of MTS Auto’s activity is the provision of high-speed car Internet, the development of automotive multimedia devices, comfort and telematics systems as well as relevant software.

Creation of integrated solutions for the automotive industry digitalization is an independent area of our activity.